Kyphoplasty Northern California


When a spinal fracture occurs a Kyphoplasty procedure is performed to stop the pain, restore as much of the vertebral and stabilize the bone. A type of vertebral augmentation for compression fractures, Kyphoplasty Northern California is achieved through a small incision in the back through which a narrow tube is placed. Next, a fluoroscopy guides the tube to the fractured area of the back and the doctor uses X-ray imaging to place a balloon through the tube and inflates it gently in the vertebrae. The inflation of the balloon causes elevation of the fracture getting it back to the more normal positioning. Finally, the balloon is removed and a cement-like material (PMMA) is placed to stabilize the bone.

The Kyphoplasty procedure typically takes about an hour for every vertebra and patients are kept for observation in a recovery room following the procedure with some patients possibly spending the following day in the hospital as well. Transportation following the procedure must be pre-arranged as patients will not be able to drive themselves. To learn more about this and other back procedures we offer, contact our office today.


Posted in General on October 20th, 2018