Medical Branch Block Northern California


What is a medial branch block?

The medial branch block is an injection of local anesthetic (and sometimes steroids) placed outside the joint space adjacent to the nerve that is supplying the joint. This nerve is called the medial branch. The role of a medial branch block is both diagnostic and therapeutic. Multiple injections may be required depending on the number of joints involved. Both facet and medial branch blocks may be performed for patients who are experience back pain due to lower back pain or arthritis in the joints.

What happens when you get a medial branch block?

When you get a medial branch block there are three things that may occur.

  1. The pain stops and generally stays at a lesser level in the days that follow.
  2. The pain stops for a few hours but then comes back at the same level and does not improve. In this scenario we can then at least deduce that the pain is likely in the joints.
  3. The pain doesn’t stop, at which point we can then deduce the pain is not derived from the joints.

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Posted in General on March 22nd, 2018