PRODISC C Total Disc Replacement Northern California

The PRODISC C Total Disc Replacement implant is made of cobalt chromium molybdenum endplates with a plastic inlay forms a ball and socket joint. The total disc replacement implant allows patient the possibility for motion by enabling the top endplate to move over the plastic ball which is attached the bottom endplate. The materials used in the PRODISC C Total Disc Replacement implant have been utilized in spinal disc replacements for the last 20 years in Europe and have been used widely in knee and hip replacements around the world.
If you have symptomatic vervical disc disease (which also may be referred to as a herniated disc, spondylosis, or radiculopathy) the discs stop working due to injury or because of being worn down from overuse. You can see a loss in height if the vertebral bodies have compressed–and this compression on the nerves  or spinal cord can result in pain or numbness that can hinder your ability to perform your daily physical activities. To learn more about the PRODISC C Total Disc Replacement and to find out if it may be right for you, contact our office to schedule your consultation today.

Posted in General on June 26th, 2018