Spinal Fusion San Francisco


First used to treat fractures, Spinal Fusion is now a treatment for age-related spine issues and spinal stenosis. Spinal Fusions surgeries are performed either on their own or in combination with other surgery to remove bone and tissue that’s narrowing the spinal canal and tightening the spinal cord. Spinal Fusion has also been used for tumors, injuries, infections, and herniated discs.

Spinal Fusion is a surgical procedure performed to fuse two or more vertebrae together through one of two methods. In one, bone is removed from the pelvic bone or taken from a bone bank and used to create a bridge between the vertebrae that are next to each other while new bone grows. In the other method, metal implants are used to hold the vertebrae together until the new bone grows.

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Posted in General on April 17th, 2019