Physician Assistants

What is a PA?

A Physician Assistant is a medical practitioner under the supervision of a licensed physician. The typical PA has graduated from a Master’s level PA program with an average instruction of 26 months and generally has approximately 4 years of health care experience before completing that program. PAs must pass the national PA board exam to practice and then re-certify every 6 years, just as MDs do. They are required to complete 100 hours of continuing medical education (CME) every 2 years. PAs scope of practice include: diagnosing and treating illness, prescribing medications, ordering and interpreting labs and scans, assisting in surgery and rounding on patients.

Here at NCSI, we employ PAs to better serve our patients. In our practice, if you see a PA, he/she can provide you with knowledgeable information about your diagnosis, tests and help you with prescriptions. A PA can offer counseling and answer questions during your office visit or over the phone. PAs assist our 2 surgeons in most surgeries and have first-hand knowledge about the surgery we offer and the recovery course. PAs round on patients in the hospital and skilled nursing facilities and take call for our practice in conjunction with a surgeon.

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Our Physician Assistants

Jodie Konigsberg, PA-C
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Chris Hydock, PA-C
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Edman Fuentes, PA-C
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