Physical and Exercise Therapy

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Call 925-469-3133

Northern California Spine Institute offers on-site physical therapy headed by Certified Physical Therapist, Bruce Meneken. Bruce has over 30 years of experience and has specialized his practice to focus on spine rehabilitation.The therapist will provide you with an independent means to manage or, when possible alleviate pain, and help you return to as active a lifestyle as possible. They will also educate you on how to prevent future injury.

The Physical Therapy Process

The Physical Therapist performs a complete and thorough physical evaluation to assess your level of conditioning as well as nerve, muscle and joint function. The therapist will also evaluate posture, strength, flexibility and endurance. From this evaluation, an individualized treatment plan will be developed, working toward mutually agreed upon goals.

Treatments utilized by the Physical Therapist may include modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound, hot packs, cold packs, electrical stimulation, and traction. The therapist may also perform some hands-on treatment such as soft tissue or joint mobilization. Exercise also has a major role in Physical Therapy at the Spine Program. The therapist will instruct you in stretching, strengthening, and self-management strategies and will provide an individualized home program so you can learn to manage your problems by yourself. This will help prevent further injury to your back or neck.

In addition, the therapists are trained in performing work site evaluations and job site analysis. From this, the therapist can develop a treatment program specific to your work related injury or illness. This work conditioning/work hardening program is designed to help you get back to work and remain healthy and productive.

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