Unfiltered Yelp Reviews

YELP Reviews

YELP has become a popular venue for reviewing services and businesses, but it should be noted that YELP “hides” many positive reviews…. Their “Filter” is supposed to weed out illegitimate reviews. From our experience, keeping positive reviews is difficult without buying ads on Yelp’s website.This is not in keeping with our intentions. Interfering with the positive experience we wish to engender to our potential and existing clients.

According to YELP’s website ;

“Do legitimate review content sometimes get lost as a result? Yes. Our filter takes a conservative approach and errs on the side of protecting the consumer, when necessary…it’s an algorithm our engineers are constantly working on. Its purpose, however, remains the same: to protect consumers and business owners from fake, shill or malicious reviews.”

We are against paying YELP to run ads in order to see our unfiltered reviews. Take the time to Visit YELP or click the image below and see all our positive NorCal Spine reviews that were “filtered” , in spite of being valid and verified critiques.